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The Ideal 1.5T   Echelon™
Echelon 1.5T combines the latest imaging technology with the reliability,
 quality and value that you expect from the outpatient MRI leader. Echelon's state-of-the-art subsystems
 deliver advanced applications, high patient throughput and outstanding image quality -- assets
that will enhance your clinical practice pat
ient imaging solution Echelon™

The Search is Over…You’ve Found the Oasis

Oasis™ provides maximum diagnostic performance and uncompromised patient comfort.                                                                             Combining high-performance MR electronics of the best high-field equipment                                                                                                                Fast gradients and multi-channel RF technology with Hitachi-designed Zenith RF coils                                                                                                 With Hitachi's proprietary 1.2T open architecture vertical-field magnet                                                                                                                                 Oasis is a new generation of MR systems providing diagnostic confidence, patient comfort and investment value.



Gantry accommodating 0.4T, the highest permanent magnetic field
Excellent magnet technology has at last materialized 0.4T magnetic field strength,
 the first in the world as permanent magnet, maintaining full gantry opening diameter.
 Small leakage magnetic field and highly uniform magnetic space were realized in a single system.

High image quality best suited for Ultimate Performance

VOSI(Vertical-Field with Optimized Sub-System Integration)Technology accompanied by high sensitivity receiving coils
 has realized high image quality. A full lineup of receiving coils compatible with each imaging area can cover all the body areas.

High Speed(single shot EPI)
APERTO has realized Single Shot EPI by high speed and high precision of gradient magnetic field control. Single Shot EPI enables sub-second high speed imaging and also short time imaging, and therefore, motion-artifact-free images can be obtained.

High Speed (single Shot FSI)
Realization of both powerful gradient magnetic field system and high magnetic field uniformity has enabled Single Shot FSE imaging with short echo intervals. Short time data acquisition prevents deterioration due to T2-attenuation and is effective in various clinical applications such as MRCP.

High Quality (Balanced SARGE)
The real SSFP sequence by which the basic performance of an MRI is evaluated. APERTO has incorporated Balanced SARGE.
 Balanced SARGE is able to provide water-weighted image with high signals in a short time. It has excellent time resolution,
high precision and image signal-to-noise ratio, and therefore, it is expected to show its power in such future application fields
as cardiac and joint areas.

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