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Dental X-Ray imaging 
Planmeca ProMax 3D brochurePlanmeca ProMax 3D brochure 
Planmeca ProMax 3D concept brochure Planmeca ProMax 3Ds  brochure
Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure 
Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure Planmeca ProMax 3D concept brochure

Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure Planmeca Proline XC Pan/ Ceph  brochure
Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure  Planmeca ProOne  brochure
Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochurePlanmeca ProMax Brochure
Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure Planmeca Intra Brochure
Planmeca ProMax 3D Max brochure Planmeca Prosensor and brochure

Perfect field size for all needs                      

Planmeca Oy

Planmeca ProMax 3D concept is an intelligent and multipurpose X-ray unit series designed to obtain complete information on patient anatomy in the minutest detail. The units provide digital panoramic, cephalometric, 3D CBVT imaging, and 3D photo, as well as advanced imaging software tools to comply with every possible need in dental radiology.

All models share the same platform but differ in imaging field size.

  • Planmeca ProMax 3D s is ideal for imaging of small details.
  • Planmeca ProMax 3D covers the whole dentition area.
  • Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid offers the widest selection of volume sizes
  • Planmeca ProMax 3D Max enables imaging of the whole maxillofacial region.
  • Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace produces 3D face photo in addition to traditional maxillofacial radiography.

Planmeca ProMax 3D family offers a solution for the most demanding imaging needs, producing various imaging sizes with one concept – an ideal imaging size for different maxillofacial applications is at hand at all times.

Planmeca ProMax 3D concept performs everything from the minutest detail to full maxillofacial image. The possibility to select the imaging area according to the actual imaging need increases effectiveness and reduces the patient dose.

  • Planmeca ProMax 3D concept is expressly designed to comply with the needs of modern surgical dentistry.  
  • In addition to the traditional digital panoramic and cephalometric imaging, the imaging concept produces CBVT images and 3D photos and feature tomography system.
  • The concept complies with a multitude of diagnostic requirements: those of endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, implantology, dental and maxillofacial surgery, and TMJ analysis.  
  • With all the Planmeca ProMax 3D models, study volume sizes are selectable to meet diagnostic needs without excess radiation outside the area of interest. 
  • The Planmeca ProMax concept is unique in that the 3D imaging modality is reachable with a simple upgrade of a digital Planmeca ProMax.  
  • Thanks to its small footprint, Planmeca ProMax 3D makes effective three-dimensional imaging possible in every dental office.

Planmeca ProMax 3D imaging devices utilise Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) technology. It is  ideal for dedicated imaging of the maxillofacial complex as it uses a pyramid-shaped beam to scan the entire region of interest in a single semicircle scan, as opposed to a medical CT that takes multiple axial slices in multiple full circle scans. During the scan, each image is generated using a short X-ray pulse instead of continuous radiation.
SCARA technology
  • The unique SCARA technology (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) enables free formation of the imaging geometry. 
  • Thanks to the pivoted joints,the computer-controlled SCARA arm can produce any movement pattern required, ensuring perfectly accurate and reliable image volume positioning.

Flat panel for accurate images
  • The direct deposit CsI semiconductor flat panel produces accurate, distortion-free images for 3D reconstruction. 
  • Unlike image intensifier sensors that use old vacuum tube technology and multi-step focusing, flat panels use single step image readouts with no geometric distortion, no loss of sensitivity, and therefore no need for frequent calibration.

Pulsed exposure
  • During the scan, each image is made using a short X-ray pulse instead of continuous radiation. 
  • The total scanning time is 18 seconds, but the actual exposure time is only 3 - 12 seconds. 
  • The technique reduces patient radiation dose considerably and forms a stroboscopic X-ray effect which, together with the shortened rotation scan (only 200 degrees), virtually eliminates artefacts, contributing to the outstanding image quality.

  • The full colour TFT display and the graphical user interface (GUI) guide the operator with text and clear graphic symbols.
  • All exposure settings are logically grouped and easy to understand, which makes the imaging procedure quick, and allows the operator to fully focus on patient positioning and communication.

Planmeca Romexis software
Planmeca Romexis 3D Explorer, the 3D image acquisition software for Planmeca ProMax 3D, enables flexible viewing in all three relevant projections: axial, coronal, and sagittal. The software incorporates a re-slicing feature, which enhances the projections and enables real-time three-dimensional viewing in the desired angle. A rendered 3D view provides a realistic overview of the anatomy.