Planmeca Compact i features over-the-patient delivery arm with balanced instrument arms.

Planmeca Sovereign

The Planmeca Sovereign dental unit incorporates unique design concept by which the unit, chair, and bowl come with motorised swivel movements. This sophisticated concept provides for optimised flexibility, as the unit adapts to every user and patient need as well as to all possible working environments and operations. All unit functions are symmetrical, which enables a motorised conversion from right-handed to left-handed use. With the intelligent graphical user interface and its customisable user-specific settings and parametres, this unit truly complies with any present and future requirement within modern dentistry.

Planmeca Compact s

Planmeca Compact s features side delivery arm with hanging tube instruments.

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Planmeca Compact c

Planmeca Compact c features instrument cart with hanging tube instruments

Planmeca Compact a

Planmeca Compact a includes a pneumatic instrument system and it can be extended with optional add-on modules.

Planmeca Compact t

Planmeca Compact t is a cabinet mounted dental unit

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